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ZoneAlarm Extreme Security is a reliable and effective solution geared toward users who need to protect their system against malware, viruses, spams, Trojans and other threats lurking on the Internet.

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ZoneAlarm Extreme Security Crack

ZoneAlarm Extreme Security Crack

With the help of ZoneAlarm Extreme Security you have the possibility to detect and remove viruses, bots and rootkits, lock out hackers, block intrusions and make your PC invisible when going online.

The main window of the application displays three major categories namely ‘Computer’, ‘Internet’ and ‘Identity and data’. For each section you are able to view if you are protected against dangerous downloads and phishing. You have the possibility to view details for each category and configure the settings to improve protection and security.

By accessing the ‘Computer’ section, you can monitor hacker activity, view all the blocked unauthorized Internet transmissions and track the removed spyware and viruses. Also, you can scan your computer and view if any suspicious software is detected.

The ‘Internet’ section enables you to block dangerous and annoying junk e-mails in Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express and safeguard your children from Internet predators. You can enable the parental control option and choose the site categories you want to block.

The last section, namely Identify and data reaches beyond your computer to protect your identity online and offline where most identity theft occurs.

What’s more, you can even schedule system-wide scans by setting the frequency and choosing the state for each task.

Considering the main purpose for which the application was designed, you can easily analyze all the downloads and get notified each time a file is malicious, prevent identity thieves from stealing your passwords and other keystrokes that you type, as well as erase your online tracks.

To wrap it up, ZoneAlarm Extreme Security proves to be a steady solution that monitors programs for suspicious behavior spotting and stopping new attacks that bypass traditional protection.

ZoneAlarm Extreme Security Review

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welcome everyone to another Maur geek review today we’re going to be taking a look at zone alarm extreme security this particular solution is distributed by
checkpoint software and is the most comprehensive solution in these on alarm family when I saw some of the claims of zone alarm was making on their website
it definitely intrigued me and I wanted to give it a test to see if it’s really worth the money they’re asking as well as if it works the way that they say it
works so if we take a look at some alarms a website not to bore you with this but just to show you what I wanted treatme it was this right here virus
free 100% guaranteed I don’t think I’ve seen that from another security company of course mainly I haven’t looked too extensively into that particular
company’s website but this is like right out there right in front of everything so it definitely caught my eye if we take a look at the terms of their quote
unquote guarantee they say that virus free means that you will not be infected by viruses for as long as on alarm extreme security product is installed
the subscription is valid and you’re using their threat emulation technology you must use the threat emulation technology to scan any new attachments
and files before opening and delete the files that are finally malicious so my question about that is scan any new attachments before opening so does that
mean that it’s going to work on execution or does that mean that the user has to do it manually it doesn’t really seem to be very clear in the
context of the guarantee the more the term virus means worms Trojans spyware and malware interestingly enough risk for networks will be from the guarantee
so they will not cover you if you have an adware action which is interesting because adware has been known to display malicious behavior I know some adware
that will actually install a rootkit on the system and install a rootkit on the system is definitely malware behavior anyways this is basically how it works
you easily send email attachments documents to a secure cloud-based environment before opening them the files are then open in a virtual sandbox
and behaviors analyzed files identified as malicious by the antivirus technology or marked so you can delete them and prevent infection so
and then they give you some more information down here so again this this begs the question does the user have to do this manually or is this something
that the product does automatically because it’s something that does that you have to do manually I don’t know how well I like that because most at least
novice users or regular users are not going to want to do that every time they download a file anyways enough about their guarantees and whatnot here’s the
product itself these are face I’m not a big fan of it seems very old and tired out and very dull and boring and not really very
snappy and easy to use in my opinion they’ve used this one for a while but if we take a look under the antivirus and firewall tab you have your
antivirus and anti-spyware signature engine which I believe is run by Kaspersky you have your advanced firewall then your threat emulation is
right here all these are on by default if you take a look at threat emulation settings it’s enabled by default only analyze files download from the internet
that’s in my opinion kind of I don’t know I mean what about executable files like potentially be transferred to a system via USB Drive that’s another way
the zero-day malware can spread if you’re only covering files that are downloaded from the internet you’re leaving a gap and that that gap could
lead to potential infection monitor downloads folder and desktop so by default it looks like it only monitors the Downloads folder in the desktop does
that include temporary internet files because that’s where most malware on the Internet starts at least if you’re going to run the file from with internet
explorer if you save it to the Downloads folder it looks like it may cover it or the desktop but temporary Internet files is generally where executable
files are going to execute from and then they’re going to drop the payload so you can add folders in here but I’m not going to add any folders because I test
everything on default so we’ll see how that goes and then you have application control which is a way of controlling executable files on your system very
much like testers Kaspersky then under web privacy you have parental controls which is not installed anti key logger and anti-spam which are both off by
default then you have under mobility and data you have your laptop online backup PC tune-up and identity protection so we’re going to make sure it’s up to date
I have some malicious URLs here as usual so we are going to see how well Kaspersky I’m sorry not Kristopher ski that’s who runs our signatures the zone
alarm does and I do have to say that if zone alarm allows any type of malware to infect the system this is going to be a fail because if you say 100% virus free
then you need to live up to that guarantee so we’re going to wait for the signatures to update and then we’re going to do the test
so I’ll be right back okay so everything’s up to date we’re going to take a look at the memory usage here really quick so I forgot to do that it
doesn’t seem to be very heavy on the system I haven’t really noticed a slowdown in the system threat emulation as well as the tray application seems to
be pretty light so no complaint there so before I start inputting these links let me turn off smart screen filter I turn off smart screen filter on camera on
purpose so that you know that there’s no interference from Internet Explorer’s of security feature let me turn off my web filters one second okay so my web
filters are off smart screen filters off so let’s start punching these links in and see how well sound alarm does there’s our first malicious URL okay
that one was blocked by the web filter and it popped up a notification here like I said I believe their signatures are powered by Kaspersky okay that one
was caught as well and block let’s try this fake gif image that one got caught blocked let’s try this gibberish malware that one got caught so far so good
nothing has been able to load here’s the next malicious URL that one was blocked as well so far it has caught everything I’ve thrown at it let’s try this next
malicious URL I believe this is an infected website if I’m not mistaking that I’m not seeing anything loading up in memory any
suspicious type of processes so it may have been infected earlier but it doesn’t appear to be infected now so let’s move on
that one got caught and was blocked by the Web Filter it’s a Trojan appears to have been detected by the heuristics engine
probably some sort of dropper that drops the payload on to the system that one was blocked as well that’s a phishing website it’s nice to see that they’re
actually catching phishing websites I don’t know if this one’s going to work because it is on Google Docs oh it does cool this one actually loaded up so
let’s see where did it save it to and save it to the Downloads folder because this might be interesting to see if is it did this might be interesting to see
if it actually works oh it’s a docx file nevermind but it was removed by zone alarm detected by the heuristics engine Trojan so it was
probably some sort of a macro Trojan so that one was caught as well that’s good to see I didn’t even have to open it in it removed it very nice okay here’s our
final malicious URL here and that one was caught as well some sort of a generic heuristics response there says that it’s a Trojan again probably some
sort of infected website to drop the payload on to the system so that was a clean run by some alarm in terms of the link test but let’s see how well it does
in terms of the detection rate as well as it’s zero day protection now the one thing that I am going to do for the zero day is I believe a I’m going to it would
be a good thing to disable this option right here to only analyze files downloaded from the internet I can’t realistically download files
from the internet but my malware pack I download them on the host machine and then I transfer them to the virtual machine so but we’re going to see how
well the detection ratio is or how good it is first and then we’ll do the zero day components so let me grab a pack of malware and then I’ll stick it on the
desktop and we’ll see how well it can detect those samples I’ll be right back okay so I put it back a malware on the desktop here and it’s already detecting
things so we’re going to go ahead and let it we’re going to scan here and then I’ll be back when it’s done scanning and we’ll see what the detection ratio is so
I’ll be back okay so here’s the interesting thing about zone alarm that I found so Ximena found an additional twenty nine items left over that were
infected or potentially malicious from their signatures all this stuff here but zone alarm is still detecting things and this looks like it may be their threat
emulation technology at work all of these are heuristics detection Zoar otherwise the one thing I don’t like about their scan window is I have to
select each one individually I don’t really see an an option to select them all and have them remove it but if this is their threat emulation technology at
work that’s awesome now my curiosity lives and does it work on execution or does it have to work before the executable file makes it to memory
because not everything is perfect and they say before opening it which makes me think that they have to analyze the file before execution so if we take a
look and I think it’s still detecting stuff yeah it’s still detecting stuff so we will remove these so of the 107 items left over there’s 92
now it removed an additional 15 so let me see what Ximena detects as malicious and we will see if it actually does it on execution or if it’s going to detect
it before that or if of another program accesses the file if it pops up yeah there’s still some malware in there some copies of malware we have some adware we
have some Trojans 369 okay so it found an additional 17 items so it’s detected 92 of them we started out with 437 it’s removed
you see 437 I was going to turn my gun lock on for 37 – 92 345 there’s 17 left over so we’re going to take 17 away from that that are malicious
according to Ximena through 28 out of 437 75% is what it detected so let’s see that’s average let’s see if it some of these that are actually
malicious let’s try this one and that one doesn’t even work okay let’s see here 321 this won’t work still and I believe it’s in memory okay it crashed
and it looks like it was detected by or at least this executable here was detected by zone alarm I don’t know if that’s the payload or what it is but it
was blocked so obviously that was malicious looked to be a signature detection no string to a one that ones in memory right there
and something crashed in the background that one doesn’t work this one is malware 252 is malware stopped working
I’m just experimenting now really just to see how the program responds that one doesn’t work that one doesn’t work either it could
have removed the malicious payloads from some of these so that’s probably why most of these are not working here’s one that probably will work
so this is an archive interesting it downloaded something from the internet so yeah let me make sure I got my math right on that on that test I don’t bore
you guys so 9275 so out of the ninety-two items Amana detected 17 of them to be malicious or leftover as being malicious so not an
overall bad detection rate because some of those actually aren’t malicious or 3717 420 out of 437 if there are only 17 items left over it would have been a
96.1 detection rate which is excellent so now I’m just going to experiment to be a little exploratory I’m going to grab some of these links specifically
the executables and I’m going to see if it what just happened well I’m going to see if there are emulation can detect them if I turn off the antivirus and
anti-spyware I’m curious so I’m just experimenting now so let me go ahead and load up internet explorer here and let’s try this
gibberish malware first let me shut off the anti spyware antivirus so we can load up and let’s save it on the desktop because I’m curious
so let’s scan it was Amana first okay it’s a Trojan looks like a zoo stroking be specific and let’s run it let’s just see what happens
it disappeared that’s never a good sign let’s see if we turn this back on is it going to catch anything so it appears that it detects it before
it opens if it’s on execution it doesn’t seem to detect it even with our emulation on and the antivirus disabled it doesn’t seem to detect it so I’m
going to end the test now so my overall thoughts on I’m not I’m going to do a second opinion scan actually you know what let’s do a second opinion scan just
for the heck of it and see what happened I’ll be right back okay I know I said it wouldn’t doing a second opinion scan but I did one zamana didn’t find anything
and I accidentally closed it went pro and it didn’t find anything either so really I have no reason not to recommend this product I mean it it did what it
was supposed to do I’m kind of confused as their how they’re threatened works if it’s kind of integrated with the antivirus and anti-spyware which I’m
guessing it probably is but they have it as a completely separate module inside the program that’s neither here nor there I think the most important thing
is that didn’t allow malware to infiltrate the system now in terms of the Zeus Trojan that I did try to load there I did handicap the program so I
can’t really hold that against the product I do wish that they would improve the user interface but I’m not sure about their 100% guarantee that
still makes me nervous but again they didn’t really allow any malware to infiltrate the system so I mean I can’t I can’t say it’s a fail because I have
no proof that there’s any malware on the system and I’m not noticing any kind of malicious behavior so I think if you’re looking for a you know a full security
suite and you know you’re willing to drop a few dimes hey it’s for you I personally am NOT but you know I can’t sit here and knock it because it did its
job I’m not fully convinced with their 100% guarantee I think at some point somebody’s going to find some way to get through but
hey it did it did a good job so it’s kind of they have an interesting idea here with threat emulation you know I think that they need to improve it in
terms of the folders maybe have add some more protected folders because not everybody’s going to put their downloads and downloads folder not everybody’s
gonna put their downloads on a desktop and not everybody’s going to download files on the internet so so those improvements would really make it I
think a complete product so I have to recommend it so I hope you guys enjoyed watching this video and I will talk to you later
thanks for watching


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