WP Scarcity Plus cracked

WP Scarcity Plus cracked

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“WP Scarcity Plus is the definitive WP plug-in that
will allow you to grow and expand your business, while
helping you sell more. It doesn’t matter what you’re
selling (e-books, courses, services, etc), with WP
Scarcity Plus you can create smart countdown timers that
create urgency. This urgency will boost your sales
through the stratosphere!

– With just a few clicks of your mouse you can automate
“evergreen” special offers and one-time offers!

– You can overlay eye-catching and impressive header and
footer banners over your content while you scroll the
page, anchoring your deadline right in front of your
customer’s eyes – this will literally “force” them to
buy your products or services.

– You can easily add the countdown timers on any page of
your blog. This way you will dramatically increase the
chances of converting more visitors into paid customers,
thanks to injected scarcity.

– Add a useful floating widget that also will be very
visible to your visitors. This will impel them to take
action immediately or else they will miss the chance to
grab your products!

– When the timer reaches zero, you have the option to
configure the WP plug-in to automatically hide your
offer (special order link or any content you want) and
replace it with any content you specify (like “This
offer has expired”), OR redirects the visitor to any URL
you want.

– Total freedom to customize you scarcity banners the
way YOU want and create effective scarcity messages. The
WP plug-in comes with default scarcity messages such as
quickly and easily change these!

– Plus, much more…!”

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