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WP SalezPress cracked

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“WP SalezPress – It’s finally here! Design beautiful
offer pages in Photoshop and easily bring them into

WP SalezPress makes it easy to design sophisticated
marketing pages.

1. Design Your Offer Page

Simply open Photoshop and choose your desired offer page
PSD file. Choose from a sales letter, squeeze page or
video squeeze page template. Use the .PSD file as your
template to design your brand new offer page in
Photoshop. Grids are enabled to make sure your design
will fit seamlessly into your SalezPress theme.

2. Automatically Slice Up Your Design for WordPress

Once you’re happy with your new design it’s now time to
slice it up. We’ve included an Actionscript that will
automatically slice up your design into individual
graphics. Just hit play and Photoshop will take over and
spit out each individual offer page graphic

3. Upload Your New Design

Now that your design is sliced up into individual
graphics, just log into WordPress, select the page
template you’d like to use and upload each individual
graphic into your SalezPress offer page. Hit Save and
your very own, ‘designed by you’ offer page is now ready
to be filled in with your sales copy and content via the
WordPress post editor…!”

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