UbikiTouch v1.4.0 (Pro)

UbikiTouch v1.4.0 (Pro)

i guess you must be looking for UbikiTouch v1.4.0 (Pro). you can download UbikiTouch v1.4.0 (Pro) right away on this platform.

UbikiTouch allow you to improve all your applications by swiping the edges of your screen.

What can UbikiTouch do for you?
• Use the gesture to navigate between or within your applications
• Automate repetitive tasks and start them with a simple slide of the screen
• Choose from three beautiful different visual effects, a classic pie menu or fluid effects

UbikiTouch has a unique feature: it allows you to define your own actions for each of your favorite applications! All applications are subject to improvement.
You can define an action for each screen of your favorite applications: press a button, select an item, etc. Even better, you can sequence actions to perform more complex tasks.
Use case available on this video : https://youtu.be/Vdn6GO4-Nlc

And of course you can also perform global actions such as:
• Back Button
• Recent Apps
• Home
• Open Notifications
• Open Quick Settings
• Open System Settings
• Power Off Dialog
• Lock screen
• Take screenshot
• Open Play Store
• Previous App
• Search
• Voice Assistant
• Assistant
• Open Keyboard
• Toggle Bluetooth
• Toggle Wifi
• Toggle GPS
• Toggle Auto-Rotate
• Toggle Split Screen
• Toggle Sound
• Toggle Brightness Mode
• Music Play/pause
• Music Previous
• Music Next
• Open Volume Dialog
Launch an application
Launch a shortcut (Dropbox folder, Gmail label, contact, route, etc.)

UbikiTouch is fully configurable:
• Swipe LEFT-RIGHT-BOTTOM edge to perform actions.
• Custom place, size, colors for triggers
• Distinguish two different gestures: quick swipe & quick swipe + hold
• Up to 18 different actions accessible at a single click
• Choose from three different designs: pie, curve, wave and customize them to profid your needs

The app has no ads.
The Pro version offer you:
• Possibility to define tasks for an unlimited number of applications (limited to two in the free version)
• Access to more actions, the ability to launch an application or a shortcut
• Possibility to completely customize the menu: animation, size, color…

We attach great importance to the protection of privacy, which is why UbikiTouch has been developed in such a way that it does not require Internet authorization. The application therefore does not send any data over the Internet without your knowledge. Please consult the privacy policy for further informations.

UbikiTouch is currently fully translated into English and French. An incomplete and perfectible translation is available in German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish and Portuguese. If you would like to make UbikiTouch available in your native language or report an error in an ongoing translation, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following address: toneiv.apps@gmail.com.
You can choose to change the default language of the application in the “About / Translation” menu of the application.

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