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SecureAPlus 6.1.0 + Crack Serial

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SecureAPlus 6.1.0 + Crack Serial

Antivirus protection is a must-have nowadays, especially since almost everything is connected to the Internet one way or another, whether it is your smartphone, TV, or the applications on your computer that require constant access to the web. Hence, you are always prone to malware attempts, which can put your system in jeopardy.

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SecureAPlus is a software solution that enables you to protect your computer from any kind of local or online threat, by constantly scanning your file system for dangerous items. Since you can manually choose how many system resources you are prepared to sacrifice to maintain the background scanner, the utility can efficiently optimize the process for every particular system.

In addition, you are also provided with an application whitelist mode, which enables you to add them into a list of trusted programs and allow them to run unhindered. Alternatively, you can switch between interactive and lockdown mode, depending on how secure you want your computer to be. Hence, the first option displays a prompt whenever an application that is not in the trusted list is trying to bring modifications to your file system, while the lockdown mode automatically blocks any such requests without notifying you.

Although the utility comes with an offline antivirus engine to scan your drives, you cannot always be sure that it can handle every kind of threat you might happen to stumble upon. Thus, built as an additional security layer on-top of the already existing modules, SecureAPlus also employs an online scanner, which verifies suspicious files against a dozen other anti-malware engines.

In order to achieve this, the application makes use of its cloud capabilities and uploads the aforementioned items to specially designed servers, where it is closely scrutinized by various antivirus software. In case your Internet bandwidth is limited at a fixed value, the utility enables you to choose a connection plan and avoid abusing the feature and running out of traffic. Furthermore, since the entire operation is performed on the online servers, none of your own computer resources are utilized, leaving you able to make full-use of your other applications.

In the end, SecureAPlus provides your computer with state-of-the-art multi-layered protection against almost every type of threat, thanks to the efficient antivirus utility and the integrated online scanner. In addition, despite the fact that you have to keep it running in the background, the application does not hinder your ability to perform other tasks in the meantime, since it consumes a low amount of system resources.

SecureAPlus Review

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secure A+ has gone through a major upgrade so it’s time for a retest this is Leo and you’re watching the PC security channel as is immediately
apparent we have a design change I like the new layout however some aspects of the new UI can seem a little bit unpolished especially deep dialog boxes
when they pop up I think a bit of Shadows might help but no design experts so I’m just gonna say that this is an OK design it’s not eye candy but it gets
the job done it is very accessible though on the home screen we can immediately check to make sure that our software is up-to-date we
can choose between three interesting most interactive lockdown and trust all and I think this is very handy we can also do a full system scan and check
quarantine and history so they’ve got the layout part right now going into settings we still have the universal AV which runs in the cloud and has a
plethora of engines from Avira and the defender to cell phones and even quick Heal we have a daily upload limit for those with data caps in scan settings we
have the offline antivirus option the universal AV and real-time scanning each of which can be independently enabled and disabled then we have some
customization options in application whitelisting which is kind of one of the main features of this program very similar to komodo in that sense and we
have our usual update settings since i’ve looked at this program before without further ado let’s get to the review so here are our malware links we
have eight of these and we’re just gonna try them out and see if secure A+ can protect us so here we go with the first link file dot exe and we’re gonna try to
execute it we already have a pop-up and it says threat detected by the universal AF e MC soft Microsoft Security Essentials McAfee AVG
BitDefender and ESET it shows us all the engines that detect this threat and gives us several options so I like the alerts I mean it’s very informative but
the design I don’t know it looks a little bit too flashy to me I think they could make it a bit better but hey I mean it’s just the design the
functionality is the most important part and that is well taken care of so we’re going to delete the threat we didn’t get our fall today let’s try our second link
we’ll go ahead and run it for some reason we have an error code here and universally if he was unable to process this file for some reason but we have
the VAR stole detection ratio and that is 35 out of 56 and the default option is to continue blocking so that’s what I’m going to click and that takes care
of that so we’re on to link number 3 this is a screen saver file once again Universal AV says unknown virus total detection ratio is 3 out of 56 but since
it’s not signed we are still recommended to continue blocking it I’m going to see if these kind of alerts pop up for legitimate applications later on but for
the moment I’m going say continue blocking since that’s the green option this is the 4th URL this time it’s caught by the universal AV that is the
signature component so we’re going to delete it here’s the next link start page dot exe once again universal a fee catches it
easily so we’re just gonna delete it here’s kind of fad we’re let’s try running it see what happens hmm I was wrong
doesn’t look like an adware from here it seems like it’s win32 remnant this domain usually serves adware so that was just a guess
but I’ll tell you what’s not a guess the detection it’s 11 out of 12 so couldn’t be clearer let’s move on to the next link this has a really weird name now
this is interesting so we have the application whitelisting alert again and this time it says it’s an untrusted file but it is signed and the universal AV
says that it’s clean but var Stoll gives us a detection ratio of 35 out of 56 now what’s odd here is that a lot of engines which are supposedly part of the
universal I feel like the defender he said they all detected so why was this not detected by the universal AV it doesn’t even say unknown it says it’s
clean so that is giving me some doubts as to how exactly the universal a fee functions and I have a feeling it’s not really the same as actually using all
these engines because quite clearly we have a contradiction here the defender seems to detect it when it’s sent up to var stole but the universal a fee which
is supposed to include the defender engine says it’s clean however it still recommends that you continue blocking the file even though it’s signed just
because of the first hole detection and I think that’s smart that kind of makes up for the lacking implementation of engines in the
Universal AFE the threat was blocked although not very convincingly it was var stole that safe the day now this one’s caught easily six
detections so we’re gonna go ahead and delete it outer on dot exe is an untrusted files it will continue blocking so that’s that
security plus managed a clean sheet in the link test which is great now the alerts um I think they need a different kind of design scheme for the
alerts maybe a smaller more smooth and friendly looking alert where you can just expand it to get additional information that would be better for a
larger audience the way it is right now it’s great for people like me who want to get all the information but it may scare some novice users I can easily
think of a lot of situations where people are not going to be able to make sense of the information the way it’s presented right now having said that
protection wise it did a great job so let’s move on to the malicious files before we get to the next part of the tests I just wanted to make a quick side
notes and some kind of sure that someone from secure A+ will be watching this I would like to have a disabled real-time protection option in the right-click
menu and at the moment it is not present so I think it would make sense to add it over here just a minor point no big deal really but I feel that it’s kind of
handy to have that option over here instead of having to go into these scan settings so now I’m going to go ahead and do a right-click scan of our malware
folder which contains 833 items these are all fresh malware samples so let’s do our skin and see what we get so now it’s asking for permission to upload any
kind of file to the server for better detect so I’m gonna say yes now once again I’ll have to make a quick point here that
this program relies heavily on their cloud support and it wouldn’t be half as effective without it so if you’re someone who lives in a developing
country and you don’t have access to faster internet with no data caps I’m not sure if this would be the best product for you but the good news here
is that the scan seems to be really fast I wasn’t expecting that as expecting it to be a bit slower since it has to check up with the cloud but it’s going at a
very good pace so let’s see how long this takes well I think the scan is complete but it did not give me any kind of scan completed pop-up or there were
no visual changes to indicate that which is odd so again some things need to be polished further in terms of the design but it took around 4 minutes and 23
seconds and it says it has detected 833 items which is the same number as the number of items that we have so what we’ll have to remove it and see if it’s
actually a hundred percent detection another thing that’s interesting to note is that it only had to upload one file so I’m guessing the offline signatures
did a really good job or you know it doesn’t have to upload all the files to check up with their cloud so whatever the implementation it seems to be pretty
good in terms of scanning because the scan was fairly quick and it did not have to upload a lot of files and I really like how you get the exact
engines that detect a particular file and the number on the side so if you’re in doubt you can always look that up we’re gonna go ahead and delete all of
these threats and it’s done I deleted all the files which had any number of detections but by default it had two files which it did not select for
deletion because if I guess low detection that I just selected all of the files and removed them so now let’s see what we’re left with well quite
right we’re left with nothing that is a hundred percent detection which is kind of what you’d expect given the number of engines
it’s running but it’s still impressive to see that it actually achieved that so the ancient implementation may not be so bad after all what can I say about
secure A+ I’m impressed it seems to check all the boxes when it comes to protection it has a very good zero-day component powered by white
listing and VAR stall scanning it uses a ton of engines and managed to achieve a very high detection ratio it deals with untrusted files very nicely and provides
all the information to the user most of the process is still automated so there are a lot of good things about this product and if you haven’t used it or
tried it out already I would strongly recommend trying it out yourself to see if you like it this something like this could very well
be one of the go-to applications in the future for security the only downside that I can think of is what happens when you run legitimate programs now most of
the programs I have over here are signed so I’m pretty sure it’s not going to interfere with those but if you do have some unknown applications which are safe
you could have a problem there but again that is corrected thanks to the virustotal skin so you always have that thing to refer to and let’s face it
that’s what we do even when I come across an unknown file the first thing I do is upload it to virus Seoul to see the scan results and to have that done
in real time is a great feature indeed and I’m sure a lot of people are going to appreciate this so even though they may not do as much research and
contribute to security with a lot of their own analysis a tool like this is very handy for people it’s one of the best ways I can think of of keeping your
computer protected and using the best of all the antivirus technology that’s out there so let me know your thoughts on secure a plus in the comments below I
think this is a very interesting product and over time it’s only going to get better I will be looking forward to testing it out again in the future and
they make a few more changes and I think we might see more and more products use this kind of technology and whitelisting
to deal with zero-day malware maybe when that happens I’ll have to do more kinds of tests to really come to a conclusion on this approach but for the meantime
this is the review of secure a plus I hope you enjoyed it do like the video if you did share it with your friends and don’t forget to subscribe to the PC
security channel and as always stay informed stay secure


SecureAPlus 6.1.0 + Crack Serial

SecureAPlus 6.1.0 + Crack Serial

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