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To ensure your PC is running at optimal efficiency and your private information is secure at all times, using standard antivirus software is usually not enough. Aside from the fact that they often do not protect you against malware, many programs install additional applications that, while not necessarily dangerous, are unwanted.

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Reason Core Security Crack

Reason Core Security is an easy-to-use piece of software that can keep your computer safe from these threats while offering a modern, user-friendly interface that makes it well-suited for novices.

The application can be used to detect and remove potential threats while also keeping them at bay with its built-in real-time protection engine.

Reason Core Security can perform a quick scan, searching the areas on your computer that are most likely to contain malware. These include active processes and startup programs.

When performing a full scan, the application also searches your system’s memory and most of the files stored on your disks. You can select which folders should be included if you want to ensure specific files are not infected.

Additionally, jobs can be scheduled, should you wish to perform scans at regular intervals.

The application includes a Bundle Protection feature that prevents programs from installing third-party software during the setup process. While these may not always be dangerous, they are usually not necessary, use up hard drive space and slow down your computer.

Reason Core Security can perform an advanced removal process to ensure all traces of an application have been deleted from your PC.

Additionally, you can remove items from the startup list, reducing your computer’s boot time.

Moreover, it is possible to view the add-ons installed in various browsers and remove them if they are security risks.

Overall, Reason Core Security is an efficient and intuitive application that can protect your computer against malware, block unwanted software installations, as well as remove unnecessary programs, startup items and browser add-ons.

Reason Core Security Review

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that means on Bradberry time to test Reason Core Security a program which has been recommended to me before and quite a while ago I actually did try this out
on my host but now it has upgraded itself sort of I mean Scott loads of new features new GUI so is it any good well I highly doubt it but let’s take a
look so obviously this is the GUI it’s not bad I mean a few different tabs here there aren’t many settings now it’s actually crashed so that’s always good
you gotta love it when AV software crashes and then I mean protection wise everything’s on we’ve got file anti-malware protection bundle
protection web browser protection network protection and even application protection so we are basically covered from all angles here guys this is
incredible I mean of course that’s if it works and I don’t think that was ticked by default so I’m gonna leave that off but there you go that is reason core
security now let’s take a look so the first thing which we’re going to be testing is the URL protection because it’s basically got web protection so we
have a ten new fishing URLs here what the heck just happen with that one no again then what just happened there but obviously that was a complete flop I
mean that basically found so they have it Facebook this one was also missed what a surprise I really wouldn’t be surprised if it missed all ten of these
because well it is a very high quality program honestly the best purchase you’ll probably ever make in your life I mean why would you why would you buy a
car when you can buy Reason Core Security it’s cheaper and obviously it’s a better investment because it won’t do anything on your system so definitely go
with Reason Core Security in fact let’s forget about Kaspersky bit defend all that other stuff even Moabites is just bad in comparison that
this good quality stuff here Reason Core Security well it’s obviously pretty good because it’s failing to block anything so no oh
dear that is when you know it’s a high quality fails to block absolutely everything that means it’s good really really good and some of these are a bit
slow to load that’s probably the VPN but I mean it’s not blocking so it doesn’t really matter anyway I can tell you that it’s not gonna block them oh oh dear
fishing looks like tinyurl took care of that one but yeah nothing’s being blocked here really high-quality protection offered
by this application so far I mean I think it’s safe to say that uh where is it here web browser protection prevents brands from displaying harmful links and
malvert izing ads I think that’s a complete waste of time you may as well leave that switch off because it’s not gonna protect you from any fishing URLs
anyway maybe malware you know malicious URLs but not fishing URLs say they happen and here we are we got the mouth on I mean and inside here we’re not
gonna open it just in case it actually does something this time 262 files they’re from today the first of September it’s incredible we’re gonna
right-click we’re gonna scan with Reason Core Security and let’s see if this takes half an hour Wow we’ve got a UAC prompt for the scan that is incredible
and here we have it look at this already up to 69% programs just frozen that’s always a good sign okay the scans now done and we have the
results right here we have officially got 54 detected threats would you look at that Wow commit this is way too painful you
off upstairs and have a rapid meeting and come up with two individuals for elimination to get the out of it yeah so we’re gonna remove the
checked now it’s gonna spend half an hour removing all of this stuff because what it’s on 154 even though it’s saying it’s removing different stuff this isn’t
moving at all so this is gonna be interesting so all detected threats have been removed now which means we can go home
apparently school’s over kids okay that’s all good if we are check oh wow it’s still running and it’s been minimized that’s incredible if we check
the phone there pretty good actually um so I think we have like 250 60 now we’re down a 208 the detection rate will be on screen that’s how high quality anyway
high quality definitely tell about definitely worthy of your money to be perfectly honest I mean I’d just go ahead and buy it today really it’s that
good so um yeah if you haven’t got the joke yet that is pretty bad that was all sarcasm and well it’s genuinely quite shocking so there you have it and now I
guess we’ve just gotta go ahead and execute some stuff so where’s it gone here there it is look at my so I mean we have in protection we’ve got the bundle
protection the application protection and the network protection which we aren’t really tested yet so let’s see if any of that works the application
protection it’s gonna work guaranteed basically that’s just gonna stop all of this stuff okay no it isn’t now there you go just just touch that
don’t run away really important you just touch that there’s fish hotter than the sushi bar well I didn’t work did
it um is this one of those crappy ones can we just get out of it really easily it’s not even on the taskbar but can he open up task manager not sure if of4
will work okay at four did work so um let’s just take a look if that is actually ransomware nothing appears to have been encrypted I mean we’ve got all
these Gordon picks in estill he seems pretty happy so I think we’re fine but I mean it didn’t save us there you know if we were a vulnerable person we wouldn’t
have known what to do in that situation we’ve got to come online here very nice let’s just execute a bunch of them I mean let’s be let’s be honest here it’s
basically not gonna do anything I think we’ve established that it’s effectively pointless running this application all it’s doing is using up ram and maybe a
little bit of CPU not really gonna protect your PC basically at all pretty much every other AV and tool is better than this Sumana hitman pro malwarebytes
basically any AV is better than this so just don’t bother running this I think we’ve concluded the test really but I’m just going to continue executing this
because I want to see if it will do anything oh this seems good server server background very nice I mean this is crash 2 something oh dear sir the
ransomware have we actually been researched engine attention wow look at this in detected a suspicious file your doggy’s remove all those databases just
detected a suspicious file let’s hopefully remove that because you know that could be bad there um I mean the images seem ok ok what the hell is
happening now oh this is just crashed actually okay how about this this isn’t mean this hasn’t been
encrypted either interesting so it doesn’t look like anything has actually been encrypted at the moment anyway but I mean it’s got the background
everything so there you go you let’s continue anyway oh we’ve got some of this stuff here being encrypted maybe
it hasn’t targeted txt files or PNG s or JPEGs whatever image it was all corrupt it’s been corrupted so I mean you know oh good
Wow oh my god it’s it’s gonna save us guys we’re gonna remove this action required high-threat apply actions that button does nothing ok there we go I
think we’ve established that we are now infected there’s really no point now doing any second opinion scans because well I think it’s pretty obvious that
we’ve we’ve been infected here you can see if we open up quite a lot of stuff is running which is always good I mean you really don’t want
an AV which protects you that’s not really the purpose after all you just want to get infected every time so yeah I mean look at all this good stuff here
I I would happily say that our system is clean I mean just ignore the background I set that myself you know I don’t see any malware in here guys this no there’s
nothing that looks completely fine so I think we’re good and for that reason I’d recommend reason call security download today by today because the free
version probably doesn’t even do anything so uh yeah make sure you buy today great product ten out of ten IGN highly recommended by malware blocker
and that’ll be it for this video and look at that CPU usage Wow 30 40 40 % and it’s not even helping our system survive 99 megabytes of RAM as well oh
that is good this is really happening you can’t even boil a egg thing’s still got feathers on it and there’s this one as well the helper
Wow that is that’s oh that’s a good there so um yeah in all seriousness though please don’t put oh god please don’t install this application it’s
absolutely trash Wow removing 2 out of 13 the removal is slow the scan is slow there’s no update button the GUI is I mean not too bad but it’s kind of trash
let’s be honest look I can’t even move tab because it’s removing threats here it’s just really trash oh look at this encryption has now happened so what I
mean we had multiple things running more than multiples so I’m not surprised downloads oh yeah looks like this has just been affected here maybe yeah
anyway our txt file has been encrypted so that’s not good but yeah that is reason call security don’t use this application absolute trash and good
night bye bye stop sending me by the poolside we just had a sleeping drinking smoking on some medicine and
we’d like to have our party


Reason Core Security + Crack Serial

Reason Core Security + Crack Serial

Reason Core Security + Crack Serial

Reason Core Security + Crack Serial

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