Podcast Republic v20.3.31R (Unlocked)

Podcast Republic v20.3.31R (Unlocked)

i know you must have been searching for Podcast Republic v20.3.31R (Unlocked). you can download Podcast Republic v20.3.31R (Unlocked) right away on this platform.

Podcast Republic The best podcast app from Google Top Developer!

The most customizable podcast app you can have!

With over 2 million downloads and 69,000 reviews, an app you can trust!

If you love podcasts and public radio you are looking at the right app! We got everything you want (podcast, music streaming, live radio, audio books) for FREE! Even better, it has RSS feeds support!

This app allows you to manage your podcast subscriptions, live radio stream, audio books, YouTube channels, SoundCloud channels and RSS feeds from a single app. Feature completed and highly customizable. Just install it and start enjoying your favorite shows whenever you like wherever you go!

Minimal permission requirement: An app cares about your privacy!
Beta program: Join our beta program: https://goo.gl/By2Htd.
Feedback: Please contact us in case you have any issues/questions.

This app is ads supported app. Ads can be removed through in-app purchase.


– Support all major networks: NPR, PRX, PBS, Gimlet, BBC, Serial, Ted Talks, etc.
– Discover and subscribe to 500,000+ shows.
– Support importing from RSS/ATOM feed directly.
– Import and export subscriptions using OPML file format.
– Play your audiobooks, music or local media files in one app.
– Sync your subscriptions and playback states to cloud and connected devices in real time.
– Rate and leave a review for your favorite shows.
– A full featured RSS feeds reader.

Playback & Audio effects

– Built-in audio effects such as volume boosting, skipping silence and equalizer.
– Variable playback speed for all Android versions. Save your time with fast playback speed.
– True multiple playlists support for better playback organization.
– Prioritize your listening with the powerful priority playlists feature.
– Smart play queue feature designed with podcast listening in the mind.
– Schedule to play podcast or radio at a specific time. Wake up with your favorite show.
– Set sleep timer to stop the playback while you sleep.
– Gesture operated Car mode. Control the playback with simple gestures. No need to look for the controls on the screen at all.
– Customizable shaking actions to control your playback without opening your phone.
– Customize skipping intervals in the mid of the playback, or even skip the beginning/ending of the podcast.
– Remember your playback position and pick up from where you left last time.
– Live radio streaming support.
– Support Chromecast, Android wear, and Android Auto.


– Fully automated download. Check podcast update at a configurable interval.
– Automatically delete downloaded episode file after been listened.
– Control the app through Intents from third party apps like Tasker, …

– Powerful Episode filter to view episodes as based on various criteria (playback state, download state, publishing date, etc).
– True SD card support. Save episode downloads to any location on SD card.
– Fully configurable to meet your specific needs.
– Sixteen color themes to select, including the automatically day and night theme switching.

Podcast Republic v20.3.31R (Unlocked)
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