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Norton Security represents Symantec’s next step in terms of PC safety and malware prevention. It is a different product than Norton Internet Security, as Norton Security offers multi-device protection and secure backup features. For those unfamiliarized with Norton, the software utility is designed to prevent, identify and remove files infected with viruses, Trojans, worms, rootkits and other kinds of malicious traces, in addition to some safety measures concerning online navigation.

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Setting up Security should be a fast and painless task to any user, since the tool is not flexible when it comes to handpicking the components; everything is installed by default.

Sharing its look with Norton AntiVirus, Security’s interface is mostly user-friendly, although some of its options could have been better put together. Most security modules can be activated and deactivated with one click, as well as configured in detailed by advanced users. Terminology could be an issue in some cases, since Norton adopts unique names to describe proprietary technologies.

Settings may be customized in detail for Norton Security by defining the scanning scope, such as compressed files, rootkits and stealth items, network drives, heuristics protection, low-risk threats, tracking cookies, scan scheduler, file and virus signature exclusions, and so on.

The real-time protection module has all components turned on by default. Norton is able to prevent spyware from infiltrating into the system while keeping an eye out for suspicious removable media devices and network locations. It can also scan Windows autostart entries at every boot sequence and hide notifications to let users carry on with normal PC activity without any intrusions.

All traffic between the computer and other systems can be temporarily blocked, while intrusion signatures can be customized to give passes to any items. The application monitors incoming and outgoing messages in email clients, and also features a personal firewall for network traffic, apps with tailored Internet access rules, and so on.

Online navigation is ensured by Norton, since it oversees web addresses and notifies users on malware-infected or suspicious links. It also keeps track of downloaded files and includes an identity safe to hold all confidential data in one place (e.g. autofill forms, credit card info). What’s more, users are protected from phishing websites whose purpose is to steal transactional data.

Thanks to the cloud technology used, Norton Security finishes scan jobs faster than many other av products. It is mostly successful concerning identified and removed malware files, and regularly receives virus definition updates. CPU and RAM consumption is generally low. Although less experienced users are likely to get lost in translation when trying to figure our each features, advanced ones will probably find Norton Security worthwhile.

Norton Security Review

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northern security and 2017 let’s check it out you guys have been asking for the lot so here you have it first things first I’m just gonna run their life
update I generally don’t talk about things like pricing in my refused but I did notice that they have turned this product into a subscription-based
service now and I think the default prices on their website were a little bit steep but I’ve seen them at lower prices and for this test we are using
the deluxe version I really don’t like the new version names irrelevant side note anyway the updates are done so let’s get started with the test I
grabbed a few malware links let’s see if Norton can send them off shouldn’t be too much of a problem okay first one surprisingly loaded I don’t know if it
did anything though honestly that was quite odd because when I tried it on my host machine it actually asked me for a file download I don’t know why just
popped up with a text prompt this is odd indeed the test on the host machine was on Chrome maybe that’s why it was treated differently as your sir next
fall coming up this is dot exe headphone users are just going to cry at me now can’t help it that’s just a name alright player dot exe that’s our next
one this one seems that being taken care of this one too I believe yep honestly I do know very well that eight links is in a very large sample
size to properly test a modern security product the only reason I do these things is to give you guys an idea of how the product interacts when a
web-based threat is detected hover dot exe then spend that much time hovering on this computer a few more links to go and
then we’ll get to our files which is a more interesting part the least in my opinion Norton is doing a good job so far removing everything apart from that
initial file which I don’t know what happened to it that here’s the left link and then we’ll move on the rest of the story will have to be revealed by the
second opinion scanners so it seems like that’s the end of that everything was taken care of Norden says all is good and I’ll take its word for it at the
moment but before I can get our files in I will have to disable auto protect just for a few minutes 15 should do just fine now let’s go ahead and grab our files as
far as I’m concerned this malware is about one to four days old but of course I cannot give you a definite number on each and every one of these we have 429
items I’ll collect AG recently I’m going to do a right click scan and let’s see what Norton finds and recent updates Norton has been moving more of its
signatures to the cloud kind of lowering its detection ratio in between I don’t know if they’ve resolved that or if Norton is focusing more on on execution
protection so this scan should tell us a lot one thing I do notice about the northern UI is that it is a little bit slow in many aspects for example the
alerts are sometimes delayed there’s a certain latency between you clicking something and things popping up I really don’t know who I bet half
considering this 2017 and most polish products have almost rocket fast Eli’s and I don’t think it’s a particularly hard thing to do I just think there’s
some clunky implementation here okay well this is hilarious Norton was removing the threats that found I think 394 in number but in between this is
what I get so that does not speak very highly of the stability and QA quality of this product anyway I’ll try to see if we can get this process started again
without everything breaking down and now we’re Auto protect has turned on so that could have been what triggered it auto protect being turned on while the scan
was active broke it apparently I mean you’d expect better from a popular solution like this so I’m just going to have to disable auto
protect for some more time okay apparently that’s grayed out now because it’s active Wow thank you so much Norton you’re really helping and it’s telling
me that one file cannot be removed and I need to get help Wow a file that’s just sitting on the desktop doing nothing it’s not even
active it hasn’t even been run I mean I can just shift delete it but Norton apparently can’t do that so many things happen so quickly in the last few
minutes I’m kind of at a loss of words here but obviously I’m not very happy with how Norton is acting it’s almost acting as an amateur beta product you
won’t expect that from something that’s been in the industry for over a decade anyway no use whining about it so I just restarted the scan and we’ll just wait
and see what happens next alright the scan and removal process is close to complete we do have a few additional items which could not be
removed and it won’t let me do anything else to it so the best I can do is just close the UI and try scanning it again and hope
that it removes a few other things because apparently that does happen with Norman sometimes having said that we still have 256 items in the folder so
I’ll just try this again to make sure we didn’t miss anything this process is quite painful and unreasonably so given that I do the exact same thing with a
lot of other products and Norman always seems to be one of those chosen few products that gives you a lot of trouble second scan and we’re still stuck with
these same threats we can’t seem to be able to get rid of them it says it requires manual removal which I guess means that I’m going to have to contact
their support wait a long time hope that they fix my issue and then I can use my computer again I can understand why this is the case given the threat firlock
this is actually a patching virus and ransomware so in a realistic case it might be difficult to get rid of it automatically but then again I mean this
is just a file sitting on the drive it’s not even active why Norton can make that basic distinction is beyond me and if they do want to recover the files they
could have had some kind of disinfection process but they don’t so well let me know your thoughts about this in the comments below would you consider this a
positive that they’re asking you to get help for a technical issue or do you see this as a negative as their software cannot deal with it I don’t know but
this count is really small so I guess we’ll take the leftovers as the number for the detection ratio calculation I just did the math and it gives us a
detection ratio of 40.3% which if I were to compare with most other a few products at the time would be considered dismal but then again maybe that’s not
how Norton operates maybe most of its technologies work on execution which is fine I mean I don’t care how the threats are blocked as long
they are so now we’re going to go ahead and run these files and hopefully Norton can protect us as you can see everything is turned on and we are running default
settings here goes nothing okay it seems like Norton is blocking access to a lot of fees so auto protect can detect these but not the scanner so it’s kind of
confusing how the signatures in this product work apparently the cloud signatures or the secondary engine is not involved in the skin but it works on
access I mean you’d kind of expect the opposite rate that the on-demand scan would be more thorough well if it works it works now it’s going
to be really difficult for me to isolate the files which actually may not be detected by the scanner did I say difficult wait make that impossible all
I can do is hope that we run a few of those so far northern is doing a really good job when it comes to preventing this
stuff from executing we haven’t had anything run so far at least that’s what it looks like now this is a difficult task
so there you have it Norden did actually do a pretty good job now just to be sure I’m going to delete this folder and do a few second opinion scans and then I’ll
give you my final thoughts all right our second opinion scanners do not seem to be picking up anything so I guess that’s a clean sheet for Norton
having said that I’m not exactly impressed by the way this product worked but hey it kept the system clean and I guess that’s what matters most but given
the lack of stability I’m kind of concerned because you wouldn’t want something like that happening while you’re in the middle of a malware attack
or something like that but maybe this was just a one-off let me know your thoughts in the comments as I suggested earlier this is all I have from here one
thing that’s clear from this test is that Norton works mostly on execution and that’s the direction they’re headed which is interesting and I hope you
liked the video this is Leo from the PC security Channel and as always stay informed stay secure


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