Idle War v0.4.1 (Mod)

Idle War v0.4.1 (Mod)

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Idle War Join the fight and start your journey from District 15 to the Dark Forest, leading your squad of powerful mercenary machinery into post-apocalyptic territories to battle the forces of the most revered generals!


★Active Battle System★
Increase the performance of your troops by targeting the most dangerous enemies with the ease of a tap and perform impressive AIR STRIKES which will wipe out entire batallions of opposing forces!

★IDLE System★
Prepare your squads for battling while you’re away. When you return to your phone, they will have collected tons of coins, are ready to gain new abilities, and ready for even more intensive battles. Grow & Train a powerful squad without all the grinding!

★Evolving Strategy★
Multiple Hero Units with completely different strategies and skill sets. Forge your army, UPGRADE them to become powerful soldiers, or convert them into PARTS for EVOLVING into even more and much higher tiered units., leading your squad to victory!

★TONS of Content★
Enjoy battlegrounds galore and plenty of territories, epic battles and different locations. 40+ units await you for infinite sessions of pure FUN!

Download Idle War: Heroes now for free to take part in the next generation Idle Action!

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Idle War v0.4.1 (Mod)
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