DeskPRO 4.0 cracked

DeskPRO 4.0 cracked

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“DeskPRO – Helpdesk Software that is powerful yet
simple, affordable, multi–channel and with your choice
of hosting in our cloud or on your server.

– Tickets & Email
DeskPRO excels at helping you manage email effectively.
Use filters, custom fields, macros, quick replies,
labels, triggers and notes to provide quick and
excellent customer service.

– Self Service
Self service helps your users and agents save time.
DeskPRO’s tools make it easy for agents to quickly
generate content; letting them focus their time on
tricky support issues.

– Live Chat
Provide sales or support help in real time. Integrated
directly into DeskPRO your agents can manage multiple
chats and tickets at once from the same interface.

– Feedback
Learning what your customers want can increase sales and
customer satisfaction. Our suggestions tool makes it
easy to keep track of this vital information….!”

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