Comodo Cloud Antivirus 1.21 Build 465847.842 + Crack Serial

Comodo Cloud Antivirus 1.21 Build 465847.842 + Crack Serial

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Comodo Cloud Antivirus 1.21 Build 465847.842 + Crack Serial

Since cyber-threats are an ever growing concern nowadays, you need to turn to efficient software protection services in order to maintain your and your computers safety at optimal levels.

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Fortunately, there is a large variety of available utilities that you can choose from. One of the tools mentioned above is Comodo Cloud Antivirus.

Setting up this application on your computer without considerable difficulty, since little to no additional configuration is required on your part.

You only need to specify the destination path and follow the on-screen instructions, as the installer automatically performs all the steps to deploy the program on your PC.

The utility can be shortly accessed after installation since it is automatically launched. It packs a smooth user interface that organizes its plethora of features in a neat manner, thus enabling you to access them in a quick, convenient way.

The functions it encompasses are rather straightforward, thus making it possible for a broad range of users to understand and operate them without significant effort. However, since some of them are rather technical, at least medium PC skills are required for a smooth overall experience.

Aside from providing you with realtime protection abilities, Comodo Cloud Antivirus can also scan your computer in four different ways, by integrating modules for each one of them.

You can perform quick, full, file or folder scans, according to your needs. Unfortunately, setting scheduled scans is not an available option, thus, you need to perform them manually every time.

However, this program provides you with sandbox protection modules, which can be used to execute several applications within a secure environment, without harming your system.

This feature can be customized from the standard configuration menu so it confines all of the untrusted applications or just pops up alerts for them. Additionally, you can toggle the Viruscope component on or off and also disable the sandbox indicator.

To wrap it up, Comodo Cloud Antivirus is a handy utility that can help you secure your computer by providing you with multiple protection modules, which include sandbox support. It packs a smooth user interface, features intuitive controls and can be customized in a wide variety of ways. However, it is not possible to set schedule scans, as this function is not available.

Comodo Cloud Antivirus Review

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you welcome everyone to another Maori geek review today we’re gonna be taking a look at kimono Cloud Antivirus this
particular product is more geared towards everyday average users as opposed to their internet security product as this is more automated and
you know it doesn’t include the firewall or the hips but it does have some exciting features that I decided to take a look at today and it’s been a while
since I’ve given Komodo the full review treatment so if we dive into the product and we take a look at its usability and its user interface I really do like this
user interface I think it gives you plenty of information as well as has everything that you’re gonna need to have to you know run the product and
find what you need to find for example up here it allows you to easily check for program updates so this is an entirely cloud-based program in terms of
the signatures you don’t have to update the database which is nice for the average user because you know they don’t have to worry about that you know so the
program stays up to date I will check for updates right now just to do it on camera no new updates here you have your scan tab your run virtual
tab your logs and your quarantine so you can start a scan if you want run a program virtually view the logs or the quarantine right from the main interface
which is nice down here shows you the number of detected threats and the number of applications in the sandbox here you can turn the real-time
protection on and off including the antivirus and the sandbox over here is a new component that I’ve never seen it’s called Valkyrie I was doing some
research on this particular component and it basically analyzes files dynamically looked at the entire execution process of the file and sees
what it wants to do whether it’s malicious or not malicious whereas sometimes a file will actually get caught
by behavior blockers during a certain step of the program if it’s violating a certain rule of the may of the behavior blocker this program or this product
from what I understand or this component analyzes the entire execution of the file and then determines whether it’s malicious or needs to be submitted for
human analysis or whatever let me actually pull up their website really quick hang on a second here’s their website their advanced file analysis
system like I was saying it uses using runtime behavior hundreds of features from a file are based on the analysis results can warn users against malware
undetected by classic antivirus products it’s like I was saying it basically looks at the runtime behavior of the product determines whether it’s malware
or potentially I want a program or whatever and then the human expert won’t look at it as well as Valkyrie and most of the time it seems to be pretty right
at least from what they’re putting on their website you know for example this file right here was uploaded yesterday and Valkyrie determined it to be malware
the labs also determined it to me malware and so on and so forth so this is a rather exciting idea so we’ll see what happens
we’ll test it out and find out how well it works I also have their virus scope which is more of their you know traditional behavior blocker
it also looks at the behavior of the file but it seems to do it quicker then I think Valkyries gonna do it since Valkyries gonna use several analysis
techniques and looking at the entire file and what it wants to do so we’ll see I think this is more of a long-term type of zero-day behavioral analysis
than maybe virus cope is so anyways continuing on our look at the product we have our settings up here I wish the Settings button was on the user
interface you know instead of obscuring off to the left here but it’s not too hard to find here you can turn your different general
settings off your user interface your updates your antivirus sandbox file rating and your browser protection which is um always nice and they do give
you some advanced features for those advanced users who may want to use this product they also have their little widget up here which shows you the
number of files that have been detected is malicious as well as applications that are in the sandbox as well as you can start a scan and stuff as well as
access your browser which I think this actually starts a sandbox browser if I’m if I remember correctly and access you know Komodos um social networking sites
as well we’re gonna turn this off just for everybody’s convenience I don’t use it on my computer either so I don’t feel too bad about turning it off anyways we
have some malicious URLs here enough of me talking about the product and diving into it but it does have some exciting features let’s get testing let’s check
out its memory usage it is a little high for a cloud-based product but it’s not overly heavy because I haven’t noticed any kind of a system slowdown or
anything like that so let’s go ahead and launch our browser here and start punching these links in these are fresh links from today gathered them all from
my sources so we’re gonna see how well Komodo can protect us again it is up to date so let’s find out here here’s our first file we’ll go ahead and run it and
that’s really weird it runs a command line I’m not sure if it’s doing anything malicious by the way all shields are on for Komodo so but I can type in this
command line which makes me think that it’s maybe not as malicious as it seems to be oh well we’ll move on we’ll see if it did anything in a little while this I
think is some kind of malicious script not sure if this is actually going to do anything or if it’s just gonna we try to put it in an executable and see if
it’ll load up if I put a double extension on no no it doesn’t so anyways I have some more links that I can grab so it’s not a big deal here’s our next
file lowrider dot exe okay it’s been caught by the sandbox just by the icon there kind of makes me think it’s ransomware not sure so we’ll see what
happens or a virus cope detects it or what the deal is wasn’t detected by the signatures though Komodo is not known for having great signatures so but
we’ll give it a chance this one is also caught by the sandbox it’s trying to launch probably a spawn a child process there but we’ll see what happens
yeah it’s spawning a bunch of stuff yeah there’s all kinds of stuff going on inside the sandbox right now actually yeah I did spawn child processes I
thought right here and there’s actually another one running as well it’s associated with that one so this one by the application name I believe is
probably some sort of ransomware or a banking Trojan but we do have some files being analyzed by Valkyrie right now so we’ll see what happens anyways we’ll
move along guy or you do that one let me see no I didn’t okay let’s run this file that one is also isolated by the sandbox
it’s nice it shows you exactly what the files are doing in terms of launching you know child processes and whatnot Oh morning no flash player may be out of
date oh yeah right okay sure but as you can see this browser session that this malware has launched is actually sandbox because
it’s an outline here which indicates in the sandbox will do this because this ought to be interesting this is probably more
malware I’m very curious to see what this file is going to try to do but let it run anyways it’s inside the sandbox so this actually might be some adware
look sad were ish but you never know it might try to download some crap in the background actually it looks like it’s going to install a bunch of crap anyways
moving along we have this next file videos that exe cuz we all know a video is a executable file that one has been blocked by the antivirus as unclassified
malware so we will get rid of it so there’s our first signature detection yeah it looks like we have some stuff going on in the oh yeah definitely
here’s our next malicious file randomly named executable file because those are all legit that one I think has yeah see as you can see here it is launching a
bunch of stuff I think this is all adware –is– type behavior that last file I didn’t get an alert for though this randomly named executable there we
go unclassified malware by Komodo and it has blocked the execution of the file so that’s two signature detection let’s
move on here’s another another randomly named executable file because again you know those are legit and it has been blocked as well by the antivirus is
unclassified malware the machine is definitely slow but I think that’s because we have a lot of stuff going on inside the sandbox right now all this
malware is actually trying to you know this is what would be going on if it wasn’t inside the sandbox but we can easily which I like to have the nice
clean sandbox button here which if none of these processes terminate I will go ahead and do that and as you can see we have definitely malicious behavior going
on because the machine is really really slow so let me let me go ahead and pause the video see if I can terminate this malware so we can go ahead and continue
with the test okay so as I was pausing the video I got a virus couple eart that this randomly named executable right here which i think is one of the ones
that I loaded up let me check up here yeah right here from this home car pet is probably cryptolocker which is virus copes way of saying that
we have ransom and as you can see it looks like it’s loading up its ransom notes yeah so all of this is sandbox though the virus cope
alert has disappeared I don’t know if it’s probably because this browser thing is trying to stay on top but I will quarantine it because I can’t seem to I
think this thing is trying to stay on top this looks like actually like a tech support scam so we will quarantine that it’s nice that they allow you to take
action from the sandbox and get rid of the files so while it’s doing that I’m gonna go ahead and pause the video and grab another link for that one that
wouldn’t that wouldn’t load up so I’ll be back okay so what I’m gonna have to do just so we can get going here is reset the sandbox because a lot of this
malware is we have some adware –is– crap that’s on here that was downloaded by this prime updater thing I’m gonna have to go ahead and clean out the
sandbox because it’s getting really hard to use this machine simply because we have so much going on inside the sandbox right now so what I’m gonna do is I’m
just gonna clean all this out and then at the end what we’ll do is we’ll just check the machine with hitman pro and zamana and see if there’s any malware
that actually got through so I’m gonna clean all these malicious processes up which not which is nice it gets rid of immediately I mean that was fast they’re
gone now so now we can continue with the test so that is one thing that you know it takes a while for Komodo to do is you know get
rid of the malicious processes I don’t know if this is an infected web page or what or if it was before the blah it’s a blogspot page though so
it would be really surprising if it was actually infected here’s our last executable file here and it is blocked by the antivirus as unclassified malware
so let me grab a couple more links and then we’ll finish up the this part of the test so I’ll be back okay so it doesn’t appear that this webpage here
was doing anything so I’ll just grab I got a couple more files here we can try here’s our first one executable random numbers and letters dot exe blocked by
the antivirus unclassified malware and here is a JavaScript file so we will save this one on the desktop publisher couldn’t be verified well run it it’s
isolated seems to have crashed inside the sandbox I don’t know if it’s actually malicious or not so let me see if there is another link here that I can
try let’s try this one it looks like that malicious file has been removed give me one second here okay so I looked up the md5 hash of this last file right
here that I tried to load it’s definitely malicious it sector by 29 out of 59 engines on virustotal interestingly enough is not detected by
komodo obviously as we saw because the antivirus didn’t block it but it looks to be some sort of a trojan exploit I’ve seen this name blackhole before which
was actually a name of an exploit kit so it could be some sort of an exploit but it’s definitely malicious but it crashed inside the sandbox so not sure if that
was because it was missing the program that it was trying to exploit or if it just couldn’t do anything so it just terminated
so either way Komodo did catch it inside the side inside the sandbox so I’m satisfied with that so what I’m going to do is I’m
gonna grab Zaman and hitman Pro we’re gonna make sure that no malware was allowed to sneak through the sandbox or the antivirus and then we’ll do the
detection ratio so I’ll be back okay so hitman pro finish scanning it didn’t find anything and neither did Ximena so that’s a perfect clean sheet for Komodo
as you saw the malware was allowed to load up but it didn’t make any changes to the system wasn’t allowed to stick her line around for long of course their
signature detection wasn’t really that great but their default deny actually does work really well there so now we’re gonna do is we’re gonna see what the
overall detection rate of Komodo cloud antivirus is I’m gonna grab my malware pack stick it on the desktop I’m going to temporarily disable the antivirus for
now just so I can get the malware file on to the desktop and to make it a little bit quicker so that the real-time protection isn’t removing files and then
we will see what the overall detection rate is and test out at zero day capabilities although we’ve kind of seen how it works we’re gonna go through the
general usual routine routines as we normally do so I’ll be back as soon as I get my malware file okay so we are back I’ve dragged the malware onto the
desktop we have 681 of our uninvited samples here so I’m going to scan with Comodo see how many it detects and removes and then we’ll do the zero day
component so I’ll be back okay so komodo finished scanning scanned it twice and i left over 558 items which transfer translates to a detection ratio of
eighteen point zero six percent abysmal absolutely abysmal but I don’t believe that is the direction that Komodo is trying to go is towards signatures I
think they’re trying to get away from signatures but that is a terrible detection ratio nonetheless they still do have
signatures and that is absolutely terrible so but we’re gonna see how comodo handles some of this malware now from my understanding komodo does
differentiate between files that are already on the machine or that files that come from USB drives or the internet or network drives so let’s see
how it handles it this of course comes from a network drive that one is detected by virus scope as a trojan when it went into the sandbox let’s try this
one that one is also isolated that one as well as you can see they are relying heavily on the sandbox which has been the case with komodo for a while because
honestly their detection ratio is pretty bad but as we can see some of these are crashing inside the sandbox like shell dot exe well that sounds like a legit
file totally legit as you can see we have things crashing inside the sandbox malware 31 as we can see some of these have like this was a
child process of some other file because I wasn’t there before and I don’t have anything that’s named with any kind of letters so I’ll launch a few more of
these and then we’ll we’ll move on we’ll do a scan with a zoom on on hitman Pro so I’m wondering if there’s anything because I haven’t gotten alert for the
sandbox and but it might be delayed but I’m not seeing any kind of alerts from the sandbox which kind of makes me wonder if those last files that I just
executed actually got caught in the sandbox or if they’re running around in memory so well we have some files once again being analyzed by Valkyrie
so I’m gonna let this machine run for a minute and then I’ll be back in and I’ll do a scan with I’ll delete the malware folder and I’ll do a scan with hitman
pro Enzo mama so I’ll be back okay so we have finally more stuff running inside the sandbox as we can see we’re also getting virus scope alerts I’ve gotten a
few of these since the camera has been off malware 24 has been detected as a generic trojan so we will get rid of it it is exciting to see there there
zero-day components are really really working or I might I mean in my opinion really well together I’ve seen a lot of you know you know the sandbox is
obviously isolating stuff but we’re also seeing you know I’m seeing some things in memory that I’m not seeing in the sandbox which kind
of makes me think that they’re running around in memory like this one so but we’ll see so just to show you how deceptive malware can be we have this
one right here host process for Windows guarantee you that’s not the host process for Windows it’s named SVC host and it has that application name it’s
not as VC host it’s malware that’s how deceptive malware can be sometimes now we do have some SVC hosting which are legit but I guarantee you that this
particular one right here is probably not just to see so anyways I’m gonna delete the malware folder and probably terminate all this malware and then
we’ll see if anything was able to sneak through so I’ll be back okay so hitman pro and amana both finished scanning and they didn’t find any malware after I
cleaned out the sandbox so my final verdict on Komodo cloud antivirus I’m really torn on this product I will be blatantly honest about
it I really am torn on one hand it’s signature detection ratio is absolutely abysmal in fact it’s the lowest detection ratio I’ve seen however on the
other hand its zero-day components are very active and kept the machine totally clean despite the fact that it’s signature detection are terrible another
thing is for a cloud-based anti-malware solution the memory usage is a little high however with that being said here’s my thought on this
as well I think it has more going on in the back end then you know obviously traditional anti-malware solutions have with you know signatures where they
storm in the cloud and it takes less you know resource usage and that sort of stuff because you have the sandbox here and you have Valkyrie as well running
around and you know preventing malware infections so I’m really torn on this product because the detection ratio is absolutely abysmal and the memory usage
for a cloud based anti-malware solution is a little high however like I said when I see zero day components working and preventing infections despite a poor
detection ratio I generally will recommend a product because you know I actually sometimes and a lot of the time will put more emphasis on zero day
components because I think they’re more effective at preventing malware infection signatures are good but you have to know about the malware before
you can actually block it with signatures and signatures do take a while to catch up however with this product obviously the detection ratio
like I said is abysmal but the machine is totally clean not one malware sample was able to make any kind of malicious changes no startup items none of that no
holo processes we’re not seeing any trojans running so right now I’m going to say that there’s better options out there simply because of the abysmal
detection ratio and you know I’m not quite sure what their valkyrie system does right now it does take a long time to analyze the file it didn’t determine
any of them to be malicious at this point so at this point I’m not gonna recommend it just because of their abysmal detection ratio and you know
maybe they could bring the resource usage down a little bit like I said I put a lot of emphasis on de components and like when quick Heal
had a horrible detection ratio I still recommended it because its behavior blocker was you know quite active but on the other hand its detection ratio
wasn’t as bad as Komodos and this isn’t functioning really like an antivirus in my opinion it’s functioning more like a host intrusion prevention system so you
all can make your own decision but right now I’m gonna say they’re better options out there just because you know I think that the general user even though this
is more automatic and probably geared more towards the average user the general average user is probably not gonna know how to handle that situation
that I had earlier where everything was locked up and the machine was really slow they’re not gonna really know to go in there and clear out the sandbox so I
think they’re moving in the right direction but I think it needs more work so anyways thanks for watching and I’ll talk to you guys later


Comodo Cloud Antivirus 1.21 Build 465847.842 + Crack Serial

Comodo Cloud Antivirus 1.21 Build 465847.842 + Crack Serial

Comodo Cloud Antivirus 1.21 Build 465847.842 + Crack Serial

Comodo Cloud Antivirus 1.21 Build 465847.842 + Crack Serial

Comodo Cloud Antivirus 1.21 Build 465847.842 + Crack Serial
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Comodo Cloud Antivirus 1.21 Build 465847.842 + Crack Serial
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Comodo Cloud Antivirus 1.21 Build 465847.842 + Crack Serial

Comodo Cloud Antivirus 1.21 Build 465847.842 + Crack Serial

Comodo Cloud Antivirus 1.21 Build 465847.842 + Crack Serial

Comodo Cloud Antivirus 1.21 Build 465847.842 + Crack Serial

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Comodo Cloud Antivirus 1.21 Build 465847.842 + Crack Serial

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