Chimpy 2.1.3 cracked

Chimpy 2.1.3 cracked

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“Chimpy is the most complete MailChimp WordPress Plugin.
Enjoy features like content locking and user
synchronization or simply display a signup form.

The Last MailChimp WordPress Plugin You’ll Ever Need.

This WordPress plugin allows you to create multiple
signup forms and display them with ease. Your visitors
will be more likely to fill in the form when it features
a professional design and works smoothly. Wish to
increase a signup rate? Try displaying a signup popup or
locking the most appealing content so only subscribers
can access it.

Yet it’s not just forms. Chimpy integrates your
WordPress website with MailChimp in a number of other
ways. You can set this plugin to synchronize all
WordPress users with MailChimp. Whenever user is
created, updated or deleted – this will reflect on the
MailChimp list of your choice. Want to give your users
full control whether they are subscribed or not? Why not
– you can start displaying an opt-in checkbox on
registration and comment forms with a click of a button.

It would take five other plugins to replace
functionality offered by Chimpy. If you care about email
marketing, this plugin will pay off very soon…!”

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