Why AMD Why? /RANT

Why AMD Why? /RANT


Why is it so hard to give this company my hard earned money? They have what I want yet they continue to let me down with frankly stupid decisions! According to fudzilla AMD is allegedly going to roll out ravenridge APUs (read zen+polaris most likely) in the second half 2H2017.

So in the mean time customers are just supposed to buy the trash laptops that AMD’s partners have been putting out like the HP Envy that was really attractive until you notice that it had F*#king single channel memory?

AMD, Dr.Su says that she read the comments, stop making us wait for a good product.

  • Nanook

    I am not sure if AMD don’t care or don’t know they’re missing an entire segment right now. It is late in the product cycle to release bristol ridge with raven right around the corner.

    • monstercameron

      Yeah its a bit annoting, not sure what’s with the secrecy and seeming delays…