Smachz Lives?

Smachz Lives?


After the dissolving partnership with their ODM (  it almost seemed like the end for the “Steamboy,” almost.

This is a post from CazTGG on neogaf, with NDA’d information from the Smachz’s backer’s secret forum.

AMD has kindly agreed to let us inform backers about the new SoC upgrade. We can officially confirm that we are moving to the latest generation AMD technology which will be based on Ryzen and Vega technology.

We’re working together with AMD to bring the best performance to SMACH Z, so it will be the most powerful handheld console in the market. The new generation looks amazing, and we want to thank AMD for all the support and efforts contributed to our project.

At this point we cannot say any more information, but I hope that this announcement works to alleviate the long waiting and to confirm that SMACH Z will feature the best hardware when it will become available.

This decision has been taken after a thorough analysis of the situation. Being forced to move away from technology and having to redo the SoC integration has moved our schedule opening the opportunity to bring the latest technology to our design.

The bolded is very important, ravenridge will be a “YUGE” step forward over carrizo/bristolridge!

It’s happening! Ravenridge Details!

Here is a post I made on the preliminary details of ravenridge.