Ryzen Notebooks we know of so far!

Ryzen Notebooks we know of so far!


The much anticipated Ryzen APUs are on the way and here are the first products to have them integrated!


Dell Latitude 5495 – Not much is out there about this model. It will use the Ryzen 5 & 7 APUs per their Sisoft entry (link here).

HP Envy X360 – Looks like the same chassis as the previous model sporting the ancient bristolridge APU (link here). I though the IPS screen was on the dim side but the build quality was very good. Note that on the configuration page, you will see that it does have dual channel memory by default. Buy yours direct from HP here  or from BestBuy here!


Lenovo Ideapad 720s – This is the most intriguing product for me, it has a smaller 13.3″ IPS LCD that can go up to 4K! It also has a rather large 48Wh Battery, so it should have quite good battery life and a lot of oompf with either the 2500u or 2700u in such a small formfactor.


Acer Swift 3 – The Acer looks the most pedestrian of these laptops, slightly disappointing that it only has a 48Wh battery for its size. Hopefully with the larger chassis it will be able to keep these APUs cool to prevent AMDs patented throttling. It does look like it’ll be sold with an SSD by default which will go a long way to making the experience fast and snappy. It does also have a fingerprint sensor, which none of the other models have.