Ravenridge is getting closer

Ravenridge is getting closer


There has been another “sighting” of Ravenridge, this time it was via Geekbench 4.

link to geekbench

This specific SKU seems to match the Kabylake i3 in performance, although this shouldn’t be the case. It is odd that the 4 “COARS” 8 thread Ravenridge part is performing below the i3. It is possible that the clocks aren’t finalized and/or are being misreported by Geekbench.

This is the most is the most interesting thing about Ravenridge. Excavator was a very good architecture, it had weaknesses that AMD had to try patching with very intricate power management systems. However RYZEN & 14nm finfets had massive gains in Perf/Watt! The above screen-cap is an excavator based A12-9800 APU with -probably- twice the clockspeed of the -what seems to be- ULV Ravenridge APU. Massive gains for AMD and this will help the GPU from being held back by low IPC and driver overhead. This might be a game changer!

That’s only the CPU side of things, we still are not sure about max clocks for the various subsections. We might be looking at a Kaveri level jump over the previous gen! This has me very excited but I’m still annoyed by such a massive pause in between Ryzen and Ravenridge. I would have rather had Ravenridge…