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AMD Optimized Laptop /RANT

I can't quite understand why it has to be the way it is, I understand that this rant comes from a place of naivete and ignorance but I have to say it and this is my website dammit. I assume you build to your strengths and compensate for weaknesses, the situation with AMD powered laptops seem counter-intuitive. I am going...

Intel Skull Canyon Nuc Hitman DX11/12


Skull Canyon Nuc Review! Part 1

video It has been a few months but I'm back. This time however I'm a little blue as opposed to being red/black - never green. So, all joking aside, I'll be writing about my experiences with the Skull Canyon NUC. So for those not in the know, NUC stands for Next Unit of Computing, it's Intel's branding for their ultra SFF...

Welcome to /OT

  Were anything goes.

APUsilicon 2016 Redesign!

I have decided to up the quality and start fresh.