New product link page is up!


    Hey y’all, so I have been working on a new link page that will show (sadly) all currently available laptops that are powered by ryzen mobile. I’ll try to keep this up-to-date until it gets unmanageable. It’s a janky java app I made that reads in a json file with a brief description off the products, de-serializes in into objects, which then can get sorted with Collections.sort and then being output as HTML.


    There are a few things I want to keep working on:

    • I’m using individual hard-coded HTTP requests instead of parsing it, parsing HTTP requests.
    • Because the request is hard-coded, can’t quickly and efficiently do reverse sorts.
      Sorts can be buggy.
    • Can’t truncate URLS being displayed without breaking the page.
    • No clue how to implement a request and unique request counter.
    • No clue on how well it scales under traffic; I don’t get alot of traffic anyways.
    • Not sure how secure the app is.

    If there are some experienced java folks out there with some spare time I’d appreciate some tips.