It’s happening! Ravenridge Details!

It’s happening! Ravenridge Details!


Oh, how I have waited for this!

Videocardz just broke news of various upcoming AMD products from a leaked slide deck. The slides were probably for the supposed teaser on May 16 or the product announcement on the 30th. It goes into detail about AMD’s upcoming server parts but that’s of no concern to me.

The juicy bit is the news about Ravenridge, I have been waiting many, many months for this. After Kaveri AMD skipped desktop Bristolridge, so us few APU enthusiasts were left without anything new since 2014!

There are currently 2 APUs detailed, they are configured similarly to AMD’s current BIG-core-little-core setup. Great Horned Owl is like the big core and Banded Kestrel is the little core(note that it is the same core design for both).

So what’s new compared to Kaveri?

  • 4 Zen cores 8 threads  vs  2 steamroller modules and 4 threads
  • 11 Compute units (Vega/polaris IP level) vs compute units (hawaii IP level)
  • DDR4-3200 128bit  vs DDR3-2400 128bit
  • 4K60 h.264/h.265/VP9  vs  4k h.264
  • USB 3.1(10Gbps)  vs USB 3

Though I must say that the little core equivalent APU “Banded Kestrel” is what has me the most excited. Hopefully AMD can turn these fantastic APUs into design wins for tablets and/or niche devices like a GPD WIN 2!