HP ENVY X360 W/ RYZEN First Impressions! (updated 11/14/17 w/ gaming bench...

HP ENVY X360 W/ RYZEN First Impressions! (updated 11/14/17 w/ gaming bench video)


I have had this notebook for over an hour now and here are my rough impressions:

  • Very high build quality chassis and hinge.
  • Low brightness or dim screen.
  • Uneven display back lighting.
  • Back-lit keys!
  • Excellent audio quality via Bang & Olufsen.
  • Slow response or slow loading due to hard drive.
  • Snappy CPU 4C8T, single core up to 3GHz and all cores up to 2.6GHz.
  • Quiet fan noise profile.

Here is a quick cinebench 11.5 run I did on max power profile.

It does seem to report dual channel memory, I’ll pop it open soon and physically check.

Here is some 3Dmark Icestorm, wow! look at the generational leap!


No Ryzen master support unfortunately!

The most interesting benchmark I’ve seen yet! Ryzen 5 vs Skull Canyon Nuc! Note that the nuc benchmark was ran last year, things could’ve been improved between then and now!


Cinebench R15, I feel like the scores could be higher due to all the background stuff I have pegging the hard drive and that it is quite warm.

Very rough sound level meter, max performance in cinebench R15.

It seems that I might have to search for the right sized tool.

Updates 11/14/17, better benchmark scores.



First gaming benchmark and it’s quite good!

Not sure if it’s my version of windows but I’m having alot of game crashes that take the system with it. RoTR, Hitman, Doom and even Bayonetta all seem to crash my laptop. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

Got some footage before it crashed and I think it performs well!

  • mdriftmeyer

    What’s the reason for comparing this ultrabook low power APU and Xeon chips? When AMD releases their high power APUs I sure expect a comparison which wipes the floor with this lot.

    • monstercameron

      Those numbers come from cinebench’s builtin database. I actually want to find fx7500, fx8800 and fx9800 apu benchmarks to compare them. If you have a link please share with me!

    • Bill Rookard

      I was going to say just that. I recently put together a Xeon E3-1275 (v1) and it’s GB3 score was right about where this laptop scored in GB4 (which is normalized for a much faster processor…).

      I’m quite impressed by Raven Ridge.

  • Sashley The Angry Kitten

    Ugh, so many devices plagued by slow hard drives. I wish SSDs would just replace them for system disks.

    A good first look, thanks for this. I’m very interested in Ryzen Mobile.

    • Đenan Hajrović

      Looked on HP’s website, as of 11/13/17 you can get this R5-2500U laptop with 16GB of memory and 256GB of NVMe storage for 879.99USD

  • hellowalkman

    Is the memory single channel or dual channel ?!

    • monstercameron

      windows is reporting dual.

    • Nektarios Parasxarakis

      the 16 gb version is dual the 8gb is single but we dont know is its soldered or not

      • Elcideous

        THe 8gig is not single it is 2 x 4 = 8 gig dual channel. I actually own one from Best Buy and physically checked.

        • Knowbody

          Is that 4GB soldered + 4GB DIMM? Or are they both DIMM’s?

          • Nicholas Reichart

            no, it’s all removable

            this is the real deal, and it’s the best overall laptop I’ve ever owned
            I used the m.2 2280 slot with a newegg sale and now it’s just blazing.

            only downside is that the GPU has only 256MB of true dedicated memory, it borrows the rest from general ram, so getting 16GB would be worth it in the future

        • Reichard Könige

          Anything special about disassembly of this machine?

          • Elcideous

            Not really except you will need a Number 5 or 6 Torque screwdriver. Pretty small that is it. Also if installing a M.2 you will need a screw for the holddown none included.

  • nexxkinn

    Can’t wait for game benchmarks..

    • Nicholas Reichart

      they’re on youtube

  • Elcideous

    SLap a M.2 in it like mine and this system is perfect for the form factor.

    • monstercameron

      that’s the plan, If it is accessible, I might go optane and sata ssd route. Curious what optane can offer for responsiveness!

      • cb88

        Optane may overhead in a laptop… probably not worth it which is probbly why they don’t make high capacity M.2 modules for optane yet. You’d be better off getting a samsung 960.

      • DocSwag

        Optane is too power hungry to make sense in laptops.

      • Tiberiu Lupescu

        Optane only works on Intel.

        • cb88

          If you want to use it as a cache drive… otherwise it will work fine as an SSD.

      • Michael Spraggins

        Optane is an Intel proprietary product. You won’t be able to install it into this laptop. That being said, the Samsung 960 Evo is a fantastic SSD and doesn’t break the bank for a 250GB.

      • Nicholas Reichart

        optane is junk, just get a decent m.2 drive on sale.

  • Jason Hall

    Multicore cinebench score?

  • Đenan Hajrović

    Really good for an 15 W part

    • monstercameron

      it might be configured to 25W, the wattage under load is a bit too high for a 15W setting.

      • Đenan Hajrović

        Hp design sucks ???

      • Đenan Hajrović

        It can… but I think on the 2700 u

      • blaze_0

        According to AnandTech, out of the first 3 laptops announced with Raven Ridge, only the Acer is configured to 25W.

        40W during load for the complete system is also what Bristol Ridge got when configured at 15W.

  • lorki

    if you put faster memory does it regresses back to 2400?

    Also is the memory soldered or not? A disassembly would be awesome

    • Nicholas Reichart

      you can regress something if you haven’t overclocked it

  • Андрец Воронов

    update driver to 17.11.1 and maybe crash will fix

  • Alex Stone

    concerning the instabilities – which driver do you use, 17.7?

    • monstercameron

      It was 17.7 and I updated it to 17.11.1 and it seems stable, soon still crashes though. Will do more testing tonight after work.

      • Nicholas Reichart

        where did you find 17.11.1?
        It just tells me I already have every component installed when I try to update

  • Neblogai

    These APUs are limited by not having their own fast memory, and sharing lower DDR4 bandwidth with the CPU. So when testing newer games it would make sense to start at settings that are the least memory bandwidth demanding. It would be best to start at 720p (or 1080p with low resolution scale if game allows it), leave texture quality at lowest and no MSAA. Then- trying to increase other settings first if fps allow it.

  • Hashhakaj Kamaluden

    Good job AMD .. you need to proof your iGPU performance by installing 3200MHZ ram instead of current 2400mhz. Sadly . I saw the power consumption for the laptop, it consumes almost 40 watts so, the extra power for screen size. I hate HP for making big laptop on such a Beautiful ryzen 5 2500U APU 15-25 w TDP.

    • John Smith

      Wtf are you talking about? Your comment is incomprehensible, learn to type retard

      • Hashhakaj Kamaluden

        Good job. Looks like you don’t do research. Try to learn.

  • Reichard Könige

    I ran mine with Userbenchmarks since my old gaming laptop Acer Predator is benched there also. This R5 based on benchmarks and my experience is slightly faster than the i7-6700hq. I can’t comment on newer Intel generations. The Vega 8 blows intel integrated graphics out of the water. But this Vega 8 won’t compete with a MX150 chip from Nvidia. However it is completely capable of running my games at lower settings. Something I could never do with the Intel graphics.
    As for display comments mine was actually very bright. Perhaps there is a QC problem and people will get various degrees of brightness? As for backlight bleed I do have some minor bleed near the IR cameras. Nothing major and with the exception of a Microsoft surface I owned all my laid and monitors have had some backlight issues. Yeah surface tablets are built very well. This is built well. Past HP Envy laptops have upgradeable ram and drives so I hope this goes the same way. The mechanical harddisk is hard to live with so it’s getting dumped as soon as I have time to do it out.
    Can’t comment on battery life yet.
    As for stability I had one incident during the windows updates. Also I noticed some pussy comments about upgrading Radeon to version 11 yet the AMD upgrade tool refused to update mine stating it was at the latest.

    • John Smith

      Guess what? It’s not as fast as 6700hq, not even close. That’s the reality. Deal with it retard

      • Reichard Könige

        What, are you 12 years old? The best you can do is “retard”?

        • John Smith

          be triggered retard

      • Get back to wccftech, evil spirit !

        • John Smith

          cant handle the truth, retard fanboi

          • Hum … there is too much second degree in here

  • Andrew

    If you get the chance I would love to know how well this laptop runs StarCraft 2, even just the start of a match to see what kind of FPS it gets at max settings. Thanks for the awesome and fast benches so far! I’m planning to pick up one or two of these laptops soon.

    • Nicholas Reichart

      I can stream a tutorial round for you.
      It runs great on low settings, not because it can’t handle higher stuff, but because only 256MB is full HBM2, the rest is shared. it runs smooth as hell if you keep the VRAM use down

      • Andrew

        Thanks! I’m curious what this Ryzen laptop would be able to do on say Medium graphics in a 3 vs. 3 and 4 vs. 4 match.

        With every update Blizzard releases the game seems to get more and more bloated, but it seems to be on the CPU side at least from what I can tell. I have three PCs (FX-8350 – HD 7970, Phenom II x 4 – 550ti, A6 APU) and changing the graphics settings (within reason) seems to have little impact on FPS. My first PC listed there used to be able to easily run 5 vs. 5 and now gets super choppy on 4 vs. 4 (max graphics). The second PC can only do 3 vs. 3 (max graphics) and then last one is lucky to do 2 vs. 2 (low-med. graphics).

  • pöllöpoika

    so weird that you ran only single core in Cinebench? Why is that?

  • Jang

    Is the M.2 slot SATA supported?

    • Nicholas Reichart

      yes. I added a nice nvme drive that was on sale on newegg a few days ago, this thing is better than most desktops I’ve dealt with

  • Nep-Nep【🗲ᵖʳᵉᵐᶦᵘᵐ ˢʰᶦᵗᵖᵒˢᵗᵉʳ🗲】

    is this user upgrade-able?
    the version available in canada is the base version with no ssd and 8gb of ram.
    also that screw i saw looked like a torx screw thinking something like a torx 5 or 6

  • ParityError

    Bought one of these…. it won’t play games.
    Settings says it has a 0MB video card.
    Or games say no supported video graphics card detected.
    Anybody else have these issues?