HP ENVY X360 W/ RYZEN First Impressions! (updated 11/14/17 w/ gaming bench...

HP ENVY X360 W/ RYZEN First Impressions! (updated 11/14/17 w/ gaming bench video)


I have had this notebook for over an hour now and here are my rough impressions:

  • Very high build quality chassis and hinge.
  • Low brightness or dim screen.
  • Uneven display back lighting.
  • Back-lit keys!
  • Excellent audio quality via Bang & Olufsen.
  • Slow response or slow loading due to hard drive.
  • Snappy CPU 4C8T, single core up to 3GHz and all cores up to 2.6GHz.
  • Quiet fan noise profile.

Here is a quick cinebench 11.5 run I did on max power profile.

It does seem to report dual channel memory, I’ll pop it open soon and physically check.

Here is some 3Dmark Icestorm, wow! look at the generational leap!


No Ryzen master support unfortunately!

The most interesting benchmark I’ve seen yet! Ryzen 5 vs Skull Canyon Nuc! Note that the nuc benchmark was ran last year, things could’ve been improved between then and now!


Cinebench R15, I feel like the scores could be higher due to all the background stuff I have pegging the hard drive and that it is quite warm.

Very rough sound level meter, max performance in cinebench R15.

It seems that I might have to search for the right sized tool.

Updates 11/14/17, better benchmark scores.



First gaming benchmark and it’s quite good!

Not sure if it’s my version of windows but I’m having alot of game crashes that take the system with it. RoTR, Hitman, Doom and even Bayonetta all seem to crash my laptop. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

Got some footage before it crashed and I think it performs well!