HP Envy, a closer look at the internals!

HP Envy, a closer look at the internals!


Yesterday I posted a screenshot of the internals, here are more detailed photos taken when I installed my Samsung 960 EVO 256GB (buy here).

Firstly, you’ll need a T5 torx screwdriver  to remove the bottom 3 screws holding the surprisingly sturdy bottom metal casing. Note that you don’t need to remove the rubber strip!

Then you’ll need the remove the rubber strip near the hinge to reveal 4 Phillips screws.

Next step is to gently pry it open, I used an old credit card. Note that the bottom fascia can be sharp.

After that you should see the guts of the beast!

HDD held in place by rubber.
possible EM shielding for the ram? correct me in the comments.
I wished that the battery was larger and use the space left by the HDD!
I’m not a fan 🙂

There is a M.2 2280 slot available, which I installed an 960 EVO. Note the 960 EVO didn’t come with a screw to secure the card. I had to use the one that came with my x370-prime. So buyer beware, check out M2x3mm screws.

Also, I made a mistake on the previous blog post and the RAM is totally accessible and upgrade-able!!!!

I am currently installing WIN 10 on a flash drive, using the media creation tool.

Will update when the install is complete! please let there be no errors!

Update: No errors and I can now confirm NVME speeds!