Bristolridge Just Around The Corner…

Bristolridge Just Around The Corner…


I’m somewhat excited for Bristolridge(BR), the A12 SKU looks promising but I am very worried about throttle behavior. The 65W TDP doesn’t lend itself to sustained high clock speeds and I can see a repeat of Kaveri’s 3GHz -under GPU load- throttle bug.

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Those concerns aside, it does feel like Kaveri redux. It has a newer GPU IP level and multimedia blocks not to mention the ever so slightly revised excavator cores. All of these pointing to the slimmest of increments. The biggest uplifts will be platform specific a la NVME (DAT SAMSUNG 961!) and USB 3.1 GEN 2, due to the newer AM4 Chipset. I’ll be curious to see how the enabled AM4 and BR’s integrated chipset to communicate.

Another curiosity is the memory speed, IIRC DDR4 has more latency that DDR3 and BR can officially only function with max 2400Mhz, which is rather low when there are 3000MHz+ kits available for reasonable prices. Maybe DCC will give it a slight bump VS. Kaveri, then again, I don’t feel like it helped Carrizo much.

I’m really looking forward to pitting it against the NUC, the IRIS PRO is pretty fast but it can be somewhat unreliable especially when it comes to VULKAN. I’ve also had a few crashes here and there but that ism’t really an issue.

I hope that that there are a few early MINI-ITX AM4 boards on launch so I can go SFF…