AMD’s First Chromebook?!

AMD’s First Chromebook?!


So here we are, 2 years after carrizo and 1 year after the introduction of stoneyridge, there finally seems to be an AMD powered chromebook on the horizon.

Why has it taken so long for AMD to have proper support for chrome OS? I won’t even mention the lack of Android as it just points to ineptitude by AMD’s management. They rather sit on the chips and take the loss than sell at low margins.

We play in the whole range of [the] market. We’ll play in [the low-cost] value” market, Papermaster added.  “You have to at least get paid for that value when you’re working on graphics. You go below that, and you’re looking at $7 chips.”

Mark Papermaster, AMD chief technology officer and senior vice president of Technology and Engineering excerpt VIA

So after years of Intel, Mediatek, Rockchip and even Allwinner selling chips with Chromebook design wins, AMD doesn’t have much of a portfolio to prove that it was the right move to acquiesce this budding -atleast at the time- market.

Well I wouldn’t be blogging about this possible Chromebook if it didn’t interest me. I’m curious to see the first AMD Chromebook and hopefully it is in an Ultra-mobile formfactor 11.6-14″, with rumored 2 M.2 slots, upgrades could be feasible -think 4G LTE or larger drives. It is also a curiosity who the OEM will be that offer such a product.