AMD Computex Recap! Lots Of Laptops!

AMD Computex Recap! Lots Of Laptops! [DRAFT]


TL;DW – Anandtech Live Blog

AMD Press Release –


Amd had a great showing at Computex 2018. They are definitely getting better at presentation, although, perhaps the general consumer may not be their target audience. They had “Partners” -quotes because that is legitimately questionable- show their latest wares, and some were better than others.


Honor (Huawei)

Honor Magicbook 14″(Matebook D 14″)

Ryzen mobile 2500U packed in a  thin and light form factor, from first time AMD partner Huawei/Honor. This was definitely the most interesting partnership for me. The design is quite attractive and the build does look very sturdy but you can never tell without holding it personally. Per this Anandtech post, the price is looking to be around $1500 range and it does have a large battery for a 14″ “ultrabook”.



HP Envy x360 13″


The 13″ model of the Envy does look rather attractive. I really liked the design of the larger 15″ model, especially the aluminum build and modern HP branding. My relationship with the brand however is quite shaky as the less-than-a-year-old Envy has had its battery malfunction on me. I’ll try to run it through HP’s customer service but I honestly don’t expect much service. I even wen’t ahead and bought a 2015 Macbook because of my distrust of HP.



The Whole Line Up

Lenovo 530s

Looks sexy as hell. add notes about the intel model to give flavor text



Dell Inspiron 13 & 15



Asus X570ZD 15.6″

Asus enters the fray with a mid level gaming laptop that marries an AMD 2700U -very capable APU- with a Nvidia GTX 1050. It’s an odd pairing but the Nvidia branding should help sell more units if we are being honest. Also…

Really Asus???? That’s just a poor choice. The battery is also very small although it probably won’t last very long even with a larger battery and those specs, atl east while not plugged in. All specs


Asus Vivobook X505ZA

All Specs


The Acer Helios 500 17.3″

This is a nutter desktop replacement laptop, quite beastly, it’s faster than any custom pc I’ve ever built! should easily outperform the otherworldly Asus ROG Strix with the gen.1 Ryzen 7.