Kaveri/Carrizo Devices around the web

  Here is a small list of device that use kaveri/carrizo apus. Asus X550ZA-SA100603E laptop: offers flexible connectivity with integrated wireless networking and an Ethernet LAN for wired Web access. A Bluetooth interface lets you pair with compatible Bluetooth-enabled devices for enhanced functionality. Asus x550ZA, AMD A10-7400p, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD. | HP ENVY TouchSmart m6-n113dx

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My Refresh Strategy

Enhance your FM2+ Machine

Kaveri Refresh In late 2013, Kaveri was on the horizon and initial statements from members of AMD suggested that top end Kaveri was “going to be AMD’s first TeraFLOP APU”. But the release fell short. And with Carrizo canceled for socketed platforms, FM2+ owners were left wondering if an upgrade would ever be made available.

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