HP Envy X360 BIOS, nothing to see really.

Not many options in the BIOS unfortunately!

HP Envy, a closer look at the internals!

Yesterday I posted a screenshot of the internals, here are more detailed photos taken when I installed my Samsung 960 EVO 256GB (buy here). Firstly, you'll need a T5 torx screwdriver  to remove the bottom 3 screws holding the surprisingly sturdy bottom metal casing. Note that you don't need to remove the rubber strip! Then you'll need the remove the rubber...

HP Envy X360 Internals!

Thanks to the9thdude , he was actually able to open up his brand new HP Envy laptop. He then proceeded remedy the main problem with this machine. The inclusion of a NVME M.2 drive should vastly improve the responsiveness that this machine sorely lacked! You can  also change the 2.5" drive but it doesn't seem like the amount of RAM can...

HP ENVY X360 W/ RYZEN First Impressions! (updated 11/14/17 w/ gaming bench video)

I have had this notebook for over an hour now and here are my rough impressions: Very high build quality chassis and hinge. Low brightness or dim screen. Uneven display back lighting. Back-lit keys! Excellent audio quality via Bang & Olufsen. Slow response or slow loading due to hard drive. Snappy CPU 4C8T, single core up to 3GHz and...

Ryzen Notebooks we know of so far!

The much anticipated Ryzen APUs are on the way and here are the first products to have them integrated!   Dell Latitude 5495 - Not much is out there about this model. It will use the Ryzen 5 & 7 APUs per their Sisoft entry (link here). HP Envy X360 - Looks like the same chassis as the previous model sporting the ancient...


Small updates, looks like HP is will be the first out the gate with a RR laptop! Also note that RR with VEGA M graphics will be close to a mobile Geforce MX150. SOURCE: |

Yet Another RavenRidge Update!

This is an interesting update, it seems that a newer GeekBench entry was submitted. This new entry lands between and i3 for single threaded workloads and an i7 for multithreaded workloads. This is looking a lot better than the first result which I was a little concerned about. I can't wait for Ravenridge!

Ravenridge is getting closer

There has been another "sighting" of Ravenridge, this time it was via Geekbench 4. This specific SKU seems to match the Kabylake i3 in performance, although this shouldn't be the case. It is odd that the 4 "COARS" 8 thread Ravenridge part is performing below the i3. It is possible that the clocks aren't finalized and/or are being misreported by...

Smachz Lives?

After the dissolving partnership with their ODM (  it almost seemed like the end for the "Steamboy," almost. This is a post from CazTGG on neogaf, with NDA'd information from the Smachz's backer's secret forum. AMD has kindly agreed to let us inform backers about the new SoC upgrade. We can officially confirm that we are moving to the latest generation AMD...

I Have Betrayed The Brotherhood!

I returned the Dell with the RX460 and instead bought a cheap ultrabook. I got tired of waiting for an AMD laptop that's decent. I just purchased a used Asus zenbook 13 ux305ca with a nice 1800p Display and a Core M3 APU.