AMD Desktop Carrizo, My Best Guess


The rumor mill is suspicious that AMD has canceled desktop Carrizo in lieu of performance scaling issues. But it is unlikely that they will ride out 2015 on only existing Kaveri APUs so I decided to take make a best guess on what upcoming desktop APUs might look like. You may be reading this because […]

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The Guys @semiaccurate Do It Again, New AMD Roadmap Leaked!


These are the embedded versions but they do line up with the consumer versions feature-wise. A few things to note: 2nd Generation HSA New UVD 6 and VCE 3(also found in tonga)     This is a tad more exciting, things to note: New small core dubbed “Catamount” 20nm process tech HSA support for small core […]

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APU Wars : AMD A10-7700K vs Intel Core i3 4330

Kaveri vs Haswell 600

The rivals. AMD launched Kaveri back in January 2014 with two SKUs, the A10-7850K and A10-7700K. Since both APUs are unlocked the only tangible difference between the two is in the integrated GPU. The A10-7850K has 512 Stream Processors (8 compute units) when the A10-7700K only has 386 Stream Processors (6 Compute Units). Both APUs […]

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Building and Benching a Kabini HTPC

Title Image

All of the parts arrived for my Kabini HTPC. My old gaming tower made a sacrificial offering for the DVD drive and Windows 8 Pro. Specifications and pricing: CPU: AMD Sempron 2650 APU ($40) GPU: AMD Radeon 8200 (R3) MoBo: GA-AM1M-S2H ($35) RAM: 4GB 1333 Pareema DDR3 ($24 x2) SSD: 60GB Corsair FORCE SATA III […]

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Strongene PC OpenCL HEVC/H.265 Decoder


This was brought up on the forums  awhile back so I decided to finally share it. It works for Full HD video but 4K support is lacking, at least from my testing. Release Notes: 1. This version is an accelerated version powered by heterogeneous computing technology and written by OpenCL. The OpenCL version is developed […]

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Building My Kaveri Media Center PC.


  Here are some high quality pictures of my system, Here is what kaveri can do:

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AMD Plans On Dropping APU Prices For Back-To-School


  Not much news is happening this time of year but you will at least be able to purchase an A10-7850k for a little less. SOURCE:

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AMD APU, CPU, GPU Speculative Roadmap Through 2016 – PC Watch


    In May this year, AMD announced their strategy to diversify their CPU development in an effort to become less dependent on x86. At the Core Innovation Update conference AMD detailed their approach to developing ARM cores and how it will fit into their project Skybridge. This July, Japanese site PC Watch compiled and discussed the […]

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AMD A10-7850k @ 720P


Duke Nukem Forever   Farcry 2   Just Cause 2   COD:MW2    

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Some Mantle Games I Can’t Wait For!


Ryse: son of rome SOURCE:   Dragon Age: inquisition SOURCE:   Star Citizen SOURCE:

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